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Women's Fertility & IVF Support Groups:

We all need a tribe, and this includes women going through the fertility (& IVF) journey. However, sadly, this is a journey that women often go through alone. Now that is about to change! I am a licensed psychologist in Virginia with a passion for women's fertility issues. I have designed a variety of options for you to receive the support you need through your journey, including individual sessions, face-to-face support groups, and an online support group community. 

I have a face-to-face support group for women who can attend one of my Virginia offices. Please contact me through my link below to let me know if you are interested in one of my support groups, and whether you would prefer my Purcellville or Reston location. I also offer an online support group community that is accessible 24-7, available to women from any geographic location. I keep the cost of these groups low, so that it will not keep anyone from receiving the support they need.

My face-to-face support groups are $65 per 90-minute session, either in my Purcellville or Reston office. My online support group is currently only $25 per month! This includes access to a secret Facebook page where you can share your journey (confidentially) with other women. I will visit daily to support you and provide encouragement.

There is no need to be alone on this journey. Fertility should not be a taboo subject. So let's start talking. Please send me a message, and let me know what support you are interested in, whether it be individual therapy, a face-to-face support group (Purcellville or Reston), or membership to my online support group community. 



Dr. Karina

Thanks! Message sent.

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