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Book a Session with Dr. Karina:

I am a licensed psychotherapist, and doctor of psychology, in the the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area. My peaceful therapy studio is located in Purcellville. I also work long-distance by phone. I hold a doctorate in Jungian Depth Psychology, and I am licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a professional counselor and as a Board-Approved supervisor for Residents in Counseling. One of my primary passions is empowering & encouraging girls and women. I also specialize in grief work. Please find the link below with my calendar of openings. You may also feel welcome to call or email me directly, as my online calendar may be limited. I am currently accepting female clients only at this time, but I accept both female and male referrals from current clients. If you are interested in signing up for this month's teen/anxiety group, you can secure your spot below (simply choose any day and time in the calendar), or contact me directly. 

Talk to you soon,


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