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  For TEEN girls ...


             The Anxiety Club.

Two groups per week, running monthly. Come to one, or come to both, This is a confidential space to reflect, share, and process personal experiences with anxiety and depression. Starting in January. Please contact Dr. Karina to enroll. You are not alone.

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Click on PDF for Flyer!

Goals for the group:

  1. Confidential space for exploring anxieties in everyday life.

  2. Receive positive feedback and support from others in a safe environment.

  3. Cultivate wisdom, self-esteem, inner strength, and resilience.

  4. Learn coping skills, confidence, and discernment. Knowing now that you always have options, how do you make therapeutic choices given difficult situations.

  5. Create a tribe of individuals you can go to in tough times.



  Dr. Karina Chace

  Licensed Professional Counselor

  133 East Main Street

  Purcellville, VA 20132


  Dr. Karina Chace | Loudoun Psychotherapy, Inc.  

  503-752-1388 | http://



Two days a week: Wednesday 5:30-7 & Saturday 12:30-2,

times may be changed if needed by the group.

Cost is $75 per week, paid monthly = $300 (in advance, thank you).

Groups may be reimbursable by your insurance. I can provide

you with a form to submit a claim if desired.


The monthly group consists of EIGHT 90-minute sessions!! 

Please note that my individual 50-minute sessions are $135

so this is a significant discount.💜


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