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Women's Fertility & IVF Support:

I am a licensed psychologist in Virginia with a passion for women's fertility issues. Not only do I have clinical knowledge of the fertility journey, but I have been through this journey personally. I have been through all of the procedures, and all of the ups & downs, over a course of many years. So it is safe to say that I really do know what it is like to endure and persevere, and to sometimes do so alone. I know how many appointments you have to go to, and that it is often impossible to have someone with you all of the time, no matter how loving your partner or spouse may be.


I have included this as a specialty of mine, and I offer phone sessions, because I believe that no one should go through this journey on their own. I am here to comfort, encourage, and champion you, in the moments when you need (and deserve) a compassionate human being who truly understands and empathizes with your story. I understand, deeply, how vulnerable this journey is, and I can say with complete certainty that it is not for the faint of heart. It takes tremendous courage! I encourage you to be brave, but also to reach out for help, share your story with a confidante, and allow someone to be your personal advocate.


I am available in my office for face-to-face sessions, but I also have an online calendar for phone sessions. Please find the link below. And please feel welcome to email me to request a day and time that may not be available on my calendar. There may be certain days and times you wish to talk that may not appear on my calendar but that doesn’t necessarily mean I am unavailable. For example, you may want to schedule a phone session before or after crucial appointments or exams, such as certain procedures that I know can cause stress and anxiety. I am here for you.


Dr. Karina

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