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Dream Analysis:

I am a depth psychologist and licensed psychotherapist in the the Northern Virginia, Washington DC area. My therapy studios are located in Purcellville, and Reston, Virginia. However, I also work long-distance by phone. Please find the link below with my calendar. Select "Dream Analysis" if your concerns involve a dream that you would like to receive help interpreting. I have a passion for dream work, as well as doctoral training in helping individuals to find meaning in dreams that are difficult to comprehend. In addition to my Jungian training, I possess a high degree of intuitive knowledge which allows me to immediately probe deeper into a dream within a short period of time. I can help you to work through specific issues within the allotted hour, and as needed we can set up another appointment, particularly if the issue is more intensive and deeply rooted. Sometimes dreams will dredge up feelings and memories you did not realize were there, and so oftentimes you may have more work to do. Please feel welcome to email me to request a day and time that may not be available on my calendar. There may be certain days and times you wish to talk that may not appear on my calendar but that doesn’t necessarily mean I am unavailable. I will confirm your online request after I make sure I can be in that location at the day & time requested. To maximize our time together, you may also feel welcome to email me a journal entry of your dream, so that I can sit with it briefly beforehand. After you receive confirmation of your session, please email me the dream you wish to discuss. As always, I highly recommend journaling your dreams after waking. 

Keep dreaming,


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